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Protection of Disadvantaged Groups Key to Inclusion and Families

Law school graduate and aspiring attorney Shaian Mohammadi has built his career around helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Drawing on his experience mobilizing legal help for underserved communities, Shaian Mohammadi helps organize not-for-profit organizations to provide legal help to those who require it.

Discussions surrounding vulnerabilities tend to focus on labor-market inclusion. But there’s another important, yet less talked-about issue facing immigrant communities, LGBT, and women: insufficient legal representation. In today’s world, legal services are hard to come by, especially in lower-income areas.

There’s a strong case to be made for increasing the legal protections for disadvantaged groups, such as mandating pro bono hours for attorneys or to create a plainly-worded statute system. Immigrants, whether tech or agricultural, as well as women and those in the LGBT community play a key role in rebuilding and sustaining communities and families. More legal and financial services are needed to bridge the divide.


Author: shaianmohammadi

Shaian Mohammadi

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